Updating SEO sites

SEO Warwickshire is now being updated to include more SEO Tips ans SEO advice.

V1 SEO Guide Now Available for Free

I have decided to release the 1st part of the  V1 SEO Guide for Free and judging on the response may release the whole guide. I’m currently only making it available to those who email me and request access, but again, … Continue reading

1000 bad backlinks removed for $5

1,000 bad backlinks removed for $5 – Is Link Removing the New Link Building If you want your bad backlinks removed use V1 SEO the The Bad Backlinks Removal Specialists           You couldn’t make it up

SEO Tips Updated

I was looking back at an old SEO Tips page on V1 SEO over the weekend to see just what has changed in the past 2 years. It’s been a very changeable period with the Google Panda update and the launching … Continue reading

Top 10 SEO Tips 2012

With Google going full guns on social networking with Google+ we thought it was about time to update the Top 10 SEO Tips section on V1 SEO. The basics of page construction for SEO remain, but engagement and user interaction … Continue reading

Free SEO Advice

We updated the Free SEO Advice section on V1 SEO last week and also enabled comments so people could post their own favourite SEO Tips or ask any SEO related questions. It hasn’t had that many comments yet, but if it … Continue reading

Is v1seo right for you?

Many years ago when SEO was in its infancy there was a tendency for SEO’s to share experiences, share new findings, participate in SEO tests and generally work together for the good of all concerned. Is it any wonder that those people … Continue reading

Last SEO test today

This time the SEO test is a bit different. Again it is to see how long it takes the search engines to find a brand new page, but this time the link to the new page is in the blogroll … Continue reading

SEO Experiments

I will be setting up some more seo tests on my seo experiments page on sim64 later today to test the indexing speed of the engines

Do External Links Help SEO

I’ve always believed that having a number of external links on our websites to related websites has always benefited our SEO campaigns. A few months ago one of our sites that has been ranked number 1 in google for the … Continue reading

Optimizing an Established Site

Read an interesting post over at UKBF today where someone was asking about optimizing an established site that is already doing well but wants to go to the next level. It was the sort of question which sums up exactly … Continue reading

When was the Google Florida Update

Looking back at some of myold sites I found some which were obviously pre the Google Florida update. H1 to H5 all contained the same keyword, alt attributes of all images contained the keyword, every link to the site contained … Continue reading

SEO Birmingham

Birmingham has always been a bit of a problem in my SEO Directory as some people in Birmingham regard it as Birmingham, some West Midland, some Black Country and some even consider themselves to be in Staffordshire or North Warwickshire. … Continue reading

SEO Experiments August 3rd

Interesting to note that one of my SEO Experiments pages is showing a cached google snapshot from August 3rd 2009 but another experimental page on the same site, which has very few links pointing to it (if any) is showing … Continue reading

Jump Links Showing in Serps Google

I have a page set up for Business Mobiles which displays some of the latest business contracts from all the major UK network providers. On the page I have jump links going to the different sections, like this vodafone business … Continue reading

Search Engine Optimisation Competitions

Back in about 2004 I entered a number of search engine optimisation competitions where I built up a good network of friends and also learnt more about optimising as the competitions progressed.

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