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Today’s little What Annoyed Me Today post concerns Google

Ever since Google launched the Google+ Pages for business we have allowed business owners to add a link to their Google+ Page from their listing when registering in UK Small Business Directory.

Since the start of 2012 we have been monitoring sign-ups and comparing those businesses who also add links to their Twitter and Facebook pages – Google+ Business Usage Comparison

What is quite noticeable is the poor uptake of Google+ amongst small business owners compared with their use of Twitter and Facebook with our latest stats showing facebook at approx 29%, Twitter at approx 26% and Google+ at a lowly 6%

Even more noticeable when digging deeper is just how poorly those 6% who actually added their Google+ Page to their listing are engaging Google+

This can be seen by simply checking some of the Google+ Pages listed in our Google+ Directory where out of 500+ businesses who have added Google+ Pages only approx 2 or 3% are active.

I strongly believe one of the main reasons for such a low take up of Google+ Business Pages and the lack of activity of small businesses who do sign up is due to just how complicated Google+ Pages are and just how hard it is for business owners to share their Google+ Pages.

Come on Google, please make it less complicated and easier for the small business owner to use rather than the webmaster or the geek.

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