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I would rather spend my life close to the birds than waste it wishing I had wings

I would rather spend my life close to the birds than waste it wishing I had wings I watched an old episode of House tonight and heard this line, I want to live my life with the birds instead of living my life wishing I could fly no idea if it is a famous line,… Read More

Luxury Wine Storage Cabinets

Luxury Wine Storage Cabinets and Luxury Wine Coolers I’ve seen what look like very similar wine cabinets vary in price from £300 to £3000 so what exactly is the difference? To me it’s bit like buying cars and not just in the car buying but the dealership difference too. What I mean by that is… Read More

Revamping Old Sites

One of my 1st websites is now over 15 years old I built https://www.wheelchair-ramps.co.uk/ when I was still working in the building industry after reading about new regulations concerning disabled access and noticing that very little was being done about it. It initially started off as an experimental play website until I started receiving telephone… Read More

Google Site Search Shutting Down

Google Site Search Shutting Down “On April 1, 2017, Google will discontinue sales of the Google Site Search. All new purchases and renewals must take place before this date. The product will be completely shut down by April 1, 2018.” Source: Google Does anyone know if this will affect the Free versions of Google Custom… Read More

Who Won The WiX SEO Hero Challenge

SEO Hero SEO Hero was an SEO Competition organised WiX The goal of the WiX SEO Challenge was to register a new domain and optimize a new website to appear as high as possible in the Google search engine for the phrase SEO Hero within a 4 month period. WiX is a Tel Aviv Public… Read More

Google Page Title Test

Google Page Title Test This is a basic test page set up for monitoring how Google reacts to Page Titles.

Google Meta Descriptions Test

Google Meta Descriptions Test Podline This is a basic test page set up for monitoring how Google reacts to Meta Descriptions.

Snowflake White Mazda 2 Sport Nav 90ps 1.5

Snowflake White Mazda 2 Sport Nav 90ps 1.5 Picked up my new Snowflake White Mazda 2 Sport Nav on Friday 🙂 I haven’t been out in it much yet but judging from the few little trips I have had, it’s a lovely drive.

Old Ring With Dull Green Stone

Old Ring With Dull Green Stone I found this old ring with a dull green stone in it whilst out gardening the other day. Anyone know if it is anything nice or just a bit of junk?

Updating SEO Sites

Updating SEO Sites SEO Warwickshire is now being updated to include more SEO Tips and SEO advice. Penrod Shero will also soon be converted from SEO Hero to SEO Warwickshire.

How to Increase Your Google+ View Count

Find out how to increase your Google+ view count Sim 64 have created a simple Google+ Profile Diagnosis tool that may help you discover why your Profile View count is lower than expected and also provides advice on how to improve your view count. Enter your Google+ Id number or Custom URL below For example… Read More

Publisher Rank Checker

Google Publisher Rank Checker After months of deliberation Sim64 are proud to announce the launch of the Sim64 Google+ Publisher Rank Checker The Sim64 Publisher Rank Checker grades your Google+ Page between 0 and 100 based on a number of factors devised by Sim64. Find your Google Publisher Rank by entering the Google+ Id number… Read More

Google rewarding trusted authorities on a subject

Google rewarding trusted authorities on a subject Are Google rewarding trusted authorities on a subject? Google rewarding trusted authorities on a subject

Is Masterchef to blame for the rise in Food Poisoning and Norovirus

Is Masterchef to blame for the rise in Food Poisoning and Norovirus I’ll start by saying the whole family are big fans of Masterchef but have to wonder if Mastechef and other similar cookery programs to blame for the rise of food poisoning incidents? Now I like my meat rare, especially beef and lamb but the… Read More

Who in their right mind would complain about a photo of a pigeon

Today’s little What Annoyed Me Today post is about a comment I recieved about a photo of a pigeon As you can see I changed the header on sim64 yesterday. I thought no more of it until I received a comment from someone saying they were disgusted by the fact that I am showing a… Read More

Co-operative mince 400g not 450g co-op hiding price rises

Co-Operative mince 400g not 450g co-op hiding price rises Today’s little What Annoyed Me Today post didn’t really happen today it’s a few months old, but I haven’t got around to ranting about it before. It concerns co-operative mince. Wednesday night is Spag Bol night, I used to make my own with chopped tomatoes, veg,… Read More

Are Google+ Business Pages too complicated for small business owners

Today’s little What Annoyed Me Today post concerns Google Ever since Google launched the Google+ Pages for business we have allowed business owners to add a link to their Google+ Page from their listing when registering in UK Small Business Directory. Since the start of 2012 we have been monitoring sign-ups and comparing those businesses who… Read More

Towbar Fitters Birmingham Audi Mercedes Land Rover Etc.

Dynamic specialise in fitting towbars to prestige cars like Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, etc. Dynamic are Birmingham Towbar Fitters who provide a mobile towbar fitting service within a 30 mile radius of Central Birmingham. Contact Dynamic on 0121 456 1516 for all your tow bar fitting requirements. Business Name: Dynamic Towbar Fitters Category: Towbar… Read More

Free SEO Advice

We updated the Free SEO Advice section on V1 SEO last week and also enabled comments so people could post their own favourite SEO Tips or ask any SEO related questions. It hasn’t had that many comments yet, but if it continues rising up the SERPs we are hoping it may pick up some organic traffic… Read More

Google Rankings Checker Tool

Sim64 have just discovered a great way of checking your rankings in “Google”. If you want to know where you appear in the the top 100 of Google for a specific keyword just visit the Google Rankings Checker Tool

Google +1 Checker – Count Checker for Google +1’s

I tidied up my Google +1 Count Checker over the weekend, added a bit more info about the Google +1 button, listed the 5 pages I could find with the highest Google +1 count, and set up a compatition to see if anyone could find the website with the most Google +1’s The Google +1 Count… Read More

Enhanced Google Profiles – How to enhance a Google Profile

With all the talk about Google +1, Me on the Web. and enhanced Google Profiles we thought we would set up a service to enhance google profiles It is a Free service where we provide instructions of creating and setting up a basic Google Profile and then provide tips on how to enhance a Google… Read More

Using Car Number Plates for Advertising

Using Car Number Plates for Advertising I decided to mark the relaunch of my v1seo.co.uk website by buying a new car and using the car number plate for advertising. As more small business owners learn what the acronym SEO stands for I see it as being the perfect way of combining online advertising with offline. Next… Read More

Free Advice on Wheelchair Ramps

Free Advice on Wheelchair Ramps Unsure of which wheelchair ramp is suitable for you? Just call Access Appraisals on 01608 663759 and we will advise you on the most suitable ramp for your needs. Before ringing us please follow this checklist What is the total height you are trying to overcome with your wheelchair ramp?… Read More

Is there a UK equivalent to Black Friday

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day in the USA and is traditionally the start of the Christmas shopping season. Is there a UK equivalent to Black Friday? If so, please don’t tell my wife.

SEO Experiments

I will be setting up some more seo tests on my seo experiments page on sim64 later today to test the indexing speed of the engines

Planning Portal selling advertising space

I noticed earlier today that the Planning Portal are selling advertising space http://www.planningportal.gov.uk  I hope this is carefully monitored as at the moment there are only 2 or 3 ads on there and one of those is going to a website which provides no information about the company the website is advertising.

Warwickshire Business Directory

I gave my Warwickshire Business Directory a bit of a revamp today, it was all looking a bit stale and was never set up right in the first place anyway, so it was well in need of something doing to it. The first thing I did was to sort out all the business categories and then… Read More

Does Google approve of AdSense links looking like navigation links

I have always believed that one of the rules when using AdSense is that the links should always obviously be AdSense links. That is why this article at the official A look inside Google AdSense blog surprised me. In the article they tell how an AdSense user doubled their AdSense revenue by moving their AdSense… Read More

When was the Google Florida Update

Looking back at some of myold sites I found some which were obviously pre the Google Florida update. H1 to H5 all contained the same keyword, alt attributes of all images contained the keyword, every link to the site contained the same anchor text, and the text of the page featured the keyword far too… Read More

Buying antique furniture on Ebay

As a UK based antique furniture restorer with over 30 years experience, I have purchased a fair amount of antique furniture on Ebay for restoration and resale. It’s very easy to come unstuck and end up with a lemon of a piece and here in this article, I’m going to highlight a few of the… Read More

V1 Sites Shipston Website Designers

No frills, bells, or whistles – Just straight to the point and Search Engine Friendly Shipston Website Designers

Are Formula Digital trying to trademark Top 10

If Formula Digital Limited obtain a trademark on the phrase Top 10 and Top Ten could it stop all SEO’s, marketing companies, price comparison sites etc. displaying lists of top 10 products/services? Informatiom on top 10 trademark application is here http://www.ipo.gov.uk/domestic?domesticnum=2543554 Comments appreciated

Simon Singh can use fair comment in defence against libel claim

Simon Singh can use fair comment in defence against libel claim The court of appeal has said that Simon Singh can use “fair comment”  in his defence of libel claims bought by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) The British Chiropractic Association accused Simon Singh of libel after an article he wrote in the Guardian in 2008. As… Read More

Chipping Norton Pest Control

I set up a new listing today for a Chipping Norton based business that provide mole catching and pest control services. Services include Pest Control Chipping Norton, Mole Control, Rat Control, Mouse Control, Flea Control etc. Business Listing:   Chipping Norton Pest Control Business Category:   Pest Control in Chipping Norton

Microsoft pubCenter UK

I’ve been following the Microsoft pubCenter Beta Program since about July of 2009 hoping it would become available to UK webmasters and website owners but still no joy. If anyone knows anymore about when Microsoft pubCenter will be available in the UK I would appreciate knowing more. Please comment below if you have any more… Read More

Pest Control in Oxfordshire

Mike Vickers Pest Control in Oxfordshire Pest Control Technician providing pest control in Oxfordshire, South East Gloucestershire and South Warwickshire. Business Listing:  Mike Vickers Pest Control in Oxfordshire Business Category:  Pest Control in Oxfordshire

Is brokencontrollers.com using your content for profit

Is brokencontrollers.com using your content for profit Came across brokencontrollers.com over the weekend. Initially it just looks like any other forum until you see how many posts have been made, I noticed a member named RSS Feed had made 1.3 million posts, and soon realised they were using an automated system to pull in content via RSS… Read More

SEO is Dead – This is Why

Following on from my post over at maps optimisation about a little game I am playing to find the search phrase that creates the most google features in the SERPs, I found a word that creates all of these features; Adwords = yes Sitelinks with a listing = yes jump to links showing with a listing… Read More

Google Local Business Centre Guidelines

I’m a big fan of Google Maps and Google Local Business Centre, but they really appear to have created a bit of a mess by combining the 2 together too closely. The early idea of Google Maps was that people could create their own maps or add information to existing maps. This meant if you… Read More

Free Online Digital Photography Courses

Online Advertising Increasing – Take Advantage Now

The spending on online advertising has overtaken the spending on Television advertising for the first time and now accounts for approx 25% of all advertising. Despite an overall drop in advertising spend, outlay for online advertising grew at nearly 5% between January and July according to a study by the Internet Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers…. Read More

Google Jump Links Announced on Google Blog

I made a post last week about Jump to links in Google Serps and was surprised that there was very little talk about this on any forums. It might be a little different now as Google has just posted about them on the Official Google Blog, Jump to the information you want right from the search… Read More

List of websites using Disqus

I’ve just started using  Disqus Comments on this site and some of my other sites. It seems to be a great system so I have decided to create a list of websites and blogs that use Disqus. If you use it on your websites or blogs please let me know by commenting at the bottom of… Read More

Jump Links Showing in Serps Google

I have a page set up for Business Mobiles which displays some of the latest business contracts from all the major UK network providers. On the page I have jump links going to the different sections, like this vodafone business contracts. I just noticed for the first time tonight that google is showing these jumplinks… Read More

How to Make Money Now With Social Networking

How to Make Money Now With Social NetworkingBy Don Bethune How does social networking work With SEO? This is an important part of the puzzle that will help you answer the question, “How to make money now online?” This is a question millions of entrepreneurs are asking themselves each day. We have the answers. As… Read More

Photos of Broadway Tower – Worcestershire

Photos of Warwick Castle

Photos of Welcombe Hills Monument

Page set up for SEO Hero

Having a bit of fun with the SEO Hero page on Penrod Shero at the moment. Hasn’t really got any information on it yet as I don’t want to reveal who my SEO Hero is too early.