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Co-Operative mince 400g not 450g co-op hiding price rises

Today’s little What Annoyed Me Today post didn’t really happen today it’s a few months old, but I haven’t got around to ranting about it before.

It concerns co-operative mince.

Wednesday night is Spag Bol night, I used to make my own with chopped tomatoes, veg, tomato puree, etc. but I must admit I do get lazy sometimes and just go for a jar of Dolmio.

Up until a few months ago this was simple, one pack of 450g mince, one jar of dolmio sauce, hand full of spaghetti and you have an ideal Spag Bol for a family of 4.

What have the co-op gone and done though? rather than put the price of mince up by 10% which we would all notice, they have reduced the packs of co-op mince from 450g to 400g 🙁

Not only does this mean we end up with an annoying bit of dolmio sauce in the bottom of the jar (as it’s too saucy if you add it all), but it also means there isn’t quite enough for a family of 4

All because those bastards at the co-operative tried to hide the price increase by reducing the size of the mince.

I’ve a good mind to stop shopping at the co-op and go to Tesco where most packs of mince are 500g