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I have always believed that one of the rules when using AdSense is that the links should always obviously be AdSense links.

That is why this article at the official A look inside Google AdSense blog surprised me.

In the article they tell how an AdSense user doubled their AdSense revenue by moving their AdSense to a “convenient unobtrusive location”
They display a Before and After screenshot of the positioning and write this paragraph,

“Recently, Julie experimented with optimizing her link unit ad placement. She removed the existing 120×90 link unit from the uppermost right corner of her pages, and instead placed a 468×15 link unit at the top of her articles. In doing so, Julie found a convenient, unobtrusive location and saw her readers naturally gravitating towards the link unit. Her efforts led to an immediate doubling of her revenue — an increase that has been sustained since the move.”

Now to me, it looks like the AdSense links have been placed to misslead visitors in to assuming they are part of the internal navigation system of the site.
Does this article now confirm that Google approves of this technique?