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Free Advice on Wheelchair Ramps

Unsure of which wheelchair ramp is suitable for you?

Just call Access Appraisals on 01608 663759 and we will advise you on the most suitable ramp for your needs.

Before ringing us please follow this checklist

  • What is the total height you are trying to overcome with your wheelchair ramp?
  • If wheelchair ramp is landing in a doorway, what is the width of the opening?
  • If wheelchair ramp is landing in a doorway, does the door open inwards or outwards?
  • If ramp is to go on to pavement how much room is there to the edge of the road?

If possible, take a photograph of where the portable wheelchair ramps are to be used and email it to us at info@wheelchair-ramps.co.uk

Website: www.wheelchair-ramps.co.uk
email: info@wheelchair-ramps.co.uk
phone: 01608 663759