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Is brokencontrollers.com using your content for profit

Came across brokencontrollers.com over the weekend.

Initially it just looks like any otherĀ forum until you see how many posts have been made, I noticed a member named RSS Feed hadĀ made 1.3 million posts, and soon realised they were using an automated system to pull in content via RSS Feeds and post them in to the forum at an amazing rate, at least 10 posts a second.

Basically, what it looks like they are doing is using snippets of other peoples content and monetizing it for themselves by creating pages with it, and then surrounding the content with ads.

A quick look at Alexa shows a massive spike from above 100,00 to under 10,000 so the content they are aquiring from other people is obviously bringing them in lots of traffic, all quite possible on the back of your content.