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Luxury Wine Storage Cabinets and Luxury Wine Coolers

I’ve seen what look like very similar wine cabinets vary in price from £300 to £3000 so what exactly is the difference?

To me it’s bit like buying cars and not just in the car buying but the dealership difference too.

What I mean by that is when you buy a cheap car you tend to go to a local dealer, speak to a local oik who wants to make a sale in 30 minutes and get on to the next punter

If I go to a BMW dealer (provided I look like a genuine buyer) I get coffee, magazines, demos, longer test drives and are served by someone who really knows the car he is trying to sell to me.

So let’s go back to Wine cabinets, if I only want a cheap cabinet to keep a bit of wine in (more to impress the Jones’s than anything else) I order one from eBay, plug it in and get my cases of special offer wine out from the utility room and plonk it in my new wine cabinet.

Where as if I’m a bit of a wine enthusiast I will feel more assured paying a bit more to buy it from a reputable retailer who will advise me on the best cabinet to buy based on my individual circumstances.

Having decided I want to buy from a reputable store what’s the difference between a big name and a specialist in wine storage?

It may be safe to buy from the reputable stores as they will often replace or refund if there are any problems, but that only applies to the cabinet and not any damage caused to your wine collection, rather than buying from a department type store it makes far more sense to buy from a specialist in the field of wine storage.

We’ve now narrowed it down that if you are a real wine enthusiast it makes far more sense to buy your wine cabinets or wine coolers from a specialist dealer so what about the models?

A lot of it is personal choice, a number of people are perfectly happy driving around in a Fiat, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault etc.

Some think a VW, Ford, Audi, Mazda is a step up from that

Some think a Mercedes, Lexus, BMW is another step up

Then we get to the AMG Mercedes, the M Class BMW’s, Jaguars, etc.

Then the Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, Roller, Maserati, Bugatti etc.

What you will then tend to find is the Amazons and eBay type places are selling the Fiats and sometimes the Fords,

The Cheaper Online stores are also selling the fiats, plus the fords

The more well known stores like John Lewis are selling the VW’s, Audis and possible the Mercedes and BMW’s

Some of the dedicated Online stores will be selling the bottom, mid and occasional higher quality cabinets

The wine and wine accessory companies will be selling the occasional Audi, but are more targeted towards the AMG Mercs, M Series BMW’S, with the odd Ferrari every now and then

The specialist Wine storage companies will be selling the Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, Maserati’s etc. and the odd AMG Merc or M Series Beemer.

This analogy just about sums up why some wine cabinets are £300 and some are £3000 much the same as a fiat can be £13,000 and Audi £23,000 a BMW £43,000 a AMG Mercedes £83,000 and a Ferrari £163,000

Basically – you get what you pay for

Find a range of – Luxury Wine Coolers in the AMG Merc Class or Luxury Wine Cabinets in the Ferrari class at Wine Storage Solutions Ltd.