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School sends pupils home with chemicals in a pop bottle

There are a few sayings from my childhood that I always remember

  1. Poke the fire – Piss the bed
  2. Always leave a drop in the bottom of a cup of tea
  3. Never go in a ladies handbag
  4. Never put chemicals in a pop bottle

So what did my little 8 year old boy come home from school with yesterday?

Note: it was all the same colour when he 1st bought it home and looked just like that old fashioned lemonade you can buy

Now it could be (and probably is) completely harmless, but that’s not the point, should teachers be¬†encouraging 8 year old children to put chemicals in pop bottles and then taking them home?

The even more worrying thing about this is that it wasn’t his primary school it was from the local high school (Academy) where they visit once a week as part of their science lessons.

It wouldn’t have been quite so bad had they at least sent a letter home with it so we know what it is? but even that would of been bad enough.