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Simon Singh can use fair comment in defence against libel claim

The court of appeal has said that Simon Singh can use “fair comment”  in his defence of libel claims bought by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA)

The British Chiropractic Association accused Simon Singh of libel after an article he wrote in the Guardian in 2008.

As the owner of an online business directory I have been following this case with interest especially as it was first bought to my attention because a number of chirpractors listed in my directory were wanting to edit their listings and remove claims/comments made in them.

I think most of these chiropractors editing listing are/were members of the BCA and  assume the reason for editing was because someone advised them to be careful of the copy they were using in any advertising they were doing,

Please note: the above is my comment and opinion and is not an allegation of fact.