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Looking back at some of myold sites I found some which were obviously pre the Google Florida update.

H1 to H5 all contained the same keyword, alt attributes of all images contained the keyword, every link to the site contained the same anchor text, and the text of the page featured the keyword far too often.

It got me thinking about just when was the google Florida update and after lookin back at some old writing I was amazed to see it was Mid November 2003.

It was not long after this that I started using Sim64 for my SEO testing until eventually that got hit by the minus 30 penalty.

I often think about where I would be now if I hadn’t pushed Sim64 to far.

 In it’s heyday I was earning in excess of £1, 000 a week just from a few affiliate programs  I was running on it, had I not pushed it to far, and if I had of  known back then what I know now I could have easily doubled, probably trebled what I was earning from  it.

What it did teach me though was not to have all my eggs in one basket, not to rest on my laurels and always to remember we are just on borrowed time when relying on Google.

Although 80% of my income still comes from one main site I now also have 40+ other sites tickling along and have a system in place so that if my main site should get hit by an update similar to the Florida update it shouldn’t take me long to get things back on track.