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How to Build a Search Engine Friendly Website

The key to search engine friendly websites is simplicity.

Simple but clear and informative content

Simple and easy to navigate menus

Simple site structures

Simple to use, simple to navigate around, simple to find the information you are looking for and simple for search engines too.

Let people know where to find what they are looking for, make it crystal clear they have found what they are looking for, make what they find on your pages meet their every needs.

Establish reliability, trust, authority and a sense that what visitors find on your website is exactly what visitors are looking for.

Podline builds search engine friendly and user friendly websites that a designed to convert visitors to customers.

Very simple websites with a crisp and clear layout.

Super fast and mobile friendly.

No bells and whistles unless they are really necessary.

Designed to not only attract visitors but to retain them.

Cost effective but high converting.

Returning an excellent ROI.

Warwickshire Prices not London prices.

If you would like a simple 5 page Podline website you may be pleasantly surprised when you hear how much they cost.

Within a 20 mile radius of Shipston-on Stour? – Give me a ring, pop the kettle on and I’ll nip round and demonstrate the features of a Podline website.

All it will cost you is a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits (preferably with chocolate on them) – 01608 663759

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